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The 7 Best Designer Summer Shoes

The 7 Best Designer Summer Shoes


I’ve always felt like summer is the best season to invest in designer shoes. Trudging through snow in the winter makes me opt for sturdy and affordable pairs, as I know I may have to replace them the following year. But the time to treat yourself to great shoes is now. Designers are putting out bright and vibrant styles, and I am on the lookout for my next big purchase.

After a lot of scrolling and thinking, I still haven’t narrowed it down to just one pair, so I decided it was a good time to ask a few industry friends for their take on the best sandals to invest in. One thing that tied the entire crowd together was the fashion person’s love for good sandals. You’ll find that every person I asked came back to me with a stunning pair of sandals, and I think I need them all. Common themes among the crowd included bright colors, strappy silhouettes, and mules. You’re guaranteed to find a winner below, and the best part is the common theme here is anti-trend.


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