Home Fashion The ’80s-Inspired Jewelry Trend I’m Absolutely Fawning Over

The ’80s-Inspired Jewelry Trend I’m Absolutely Fawning Over

The ’80s-Inspired Jewelry Trend I’m Absolutely Fawning Over


Designers have attempted to make ’80s fashion happen on countless occasions to no avail, or at least not to the level of success that both the ’90s and the early aughts have experienced in recent years. It wasn’t until last October—when Anthony Vaccarello’s spring/summer 2023 runway collection for Saint Laurent debuted—that the possibility of a revival with significant bearing began to gain traction. His fall collection gave the final push. 

Strong shoulders, power suiting, and aviator jackets dominated the French label’s fall offering, sending viewers through the space-time continuum back to the era of Madonna music videos, Jane Fonda workouts, and Top Gun, the original. But of all the pieces displayed on the runway, the ones that truly solidified the return of ’80s fashion were the oversize oblong cuff bracelets that adorned nearly every model’s wrist at the show.

Ever since, it’s felt as if all of the chicest, most eye-catching outfits on my Instagram feed feature that one accessory—an ’80s-esque cuff bracelet or bangle in shiny gold or silver. Saint Laurent’s designs from spring are a common pick, but they’re certainly not the only ones finding success. Small jewelry brands such as Agmes and Alexis Bittar have introduced styles of their own, as have fast-fashion brands like Mango and Zara. Most iconic are the various versions of the Bone Cuff, designed by Elsa Peretti in the ’70s for Tiffany & Co., that have been returning in flux and experiencing a surge in popularity on secondhand designer retail sites like The RealReal. 

Suffice it to say, all signs are pointing toward an ’80s revival of epic proportions, and the chicest way to get involved is with one of the 30 cuffs below. 


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