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The Affordable Jewelry Brand You Need to Know About

The Affordable Jewelry Brand You Need to Know About


Have you ever wondered what editors at Who What Wear’s NYC offices wear to work? You might assume that we’re dressed in the latest spring trends or showing off our favorite Zara finds. But what may surprise you is that the majority of the time, we’re all sporting the same jewelry brand: Jenny Bird. The success of the demi-fine label can be attributed to its thoughtful approach to jewelry-making, which blends timeless shapes with contemporary twists, resulting in pieces that have won the hearts of many. For instance, a pair of mid-size gold hoops boasts sculptural curves and a high-shine finish that transforms the earrings into wearable artwork.

Thanks to this approach, the brand has attracted the attention of leading retailers such as Nordstrom and Revolve, and has cultivated a celebrity following that includes stars like Selena Gomez and Kerry Washington. While having fashion editors, buyers, and A-listers endorse a brand is undoubtedly influential, the true driving force behind the line’s continued relevance is Mrs. Jenny Bird herself. Despite being self-taught and operating from Canada, Bird has managed to establish her niche in the oversaturated U.S. market, which has been a significant factor in the brand’s continued success. Some may attribute Bird’s success to her persistence over the last fifteen years, but I believe it goes beyond that.

As a designer, Jenny Bird embodies the same refreshing, approachable, and charming qualities that are reflected in her jewelry. When I recently visited Lysée in New York to view her collections, I was struck by her passion for creating “soulful” pieces that capture different aspects of her identity as a designer, mother, and woman. It’s this commitment to using jewelry as a form of self-expression that has made her designs resonate with so many people, including myself. If you’re curious about the woman behind the brand, keep reading. I sat down with Bird to discuss the evolution of her brand, the challenges she’s faced along the way, and the jewelry trends she’s excited about for spring. Whether you’re already a member of the Jenny Bird fan club or about to join, you won’t want to miss this exclusive interview with the designer herself.


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