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The Best Brown Handbags at Every Price Point

The Best Brown Handbags at Every Price Point


You can easily find the definition of a word like luxury by cracking open a dictionary. However, explaining its meaning within the context of our relationship with fashion is entirely different. Sure, there are the items one would define as luxurious (e.g., a designer handbag), but that’s within the lens of how the industry defines it. In truth, definitions of what affluence looks like don’t always consider the nuances of each individual’s economic means or the priorities of each shopper.

After all, some may consider being able to afford new clothing, much less a trendy handbag, an extravagance. At the same time, others may have to save up for or search for discounts to afford a designer handbag. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that how we define what’s “expensive” depends on our own experiences. But even within that tailored lens, there are certain choices any consumer can make to get the most bang for their buck. Beyond investing in pieces that appreciate, one can make an even more straightforward stylistic choice by opting for a brown handbag. 

Hear me out: Brown bags always look expensive, no matter their actual price. As with black handbags, this “boring” bag color is timeless and versatile. While it may not be as exciting as a brightly-hued bag, there’s something to be said about how this color can come in every shade and silhouette and still look stylish. To prove just how universally lavish this color can be, I scoured the internet to find the 45 best brown handbags. In my humble opinion, these are the cremé de la cremé due to their wearability, price, quality, brand name, and trendiness. Consider this an invitation to redefine your relationship with this color. 


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