Home Fashion The Best Fashion Items to Buy at Banana Republic

The Best Fashion Items to Buy at Banana Republic

The Best Fashion Items to Buy at Banana Republic


A few select retailers have been my go-to stores for years, and I mean years—15 years or more. J.Crew and Nordstrom are two of those stores, but so is Banana Republic. The store was always my first stop when I visited my local mall in my teens and 20s. I used to wait anxiously for the retailer’s Black Friday sale, in particular, as that was when I could score new wardrobe staples at seriously discounted prices. While it’s been a minute since I’ve been in a physical store, I recently started scrolling through the Banana Republic site to look for trending picks to recommend across my stories. I discovered so many chic items I just had to tell you about. My colleague (pictured above) also recently shared her favorite Banana Republic picks, which are fantastic.

Below you’ll uncover my edit of the best Banana Republic items to buy for spring and summer. You’ll notice a range of items. There’s everything from elegant tailored silhouettes that could be dressed up or down to pretty dresses for any upcoming parties to sleek footwear styles like beautiful strappy sandals. Keep scrolling for all of that and more.


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