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The Most Effective Serum for Spring and Summer



When I’m searching for new skincare products to incorporate into my routine, I never think about how the climate impacts their efficacy. Most of the time, the conversation ends at skin type and ingredients. But with all of the travel I have planned for the spring and summer (hello, Miami), I have to find the best formulas to fit in the overweight suitcase I’ll be lugging around. And with Clarins on the market, my search for the best of the best is always short.

The brand’s worldwide best-selling anti-aging Double Serum ($132) is an editor favorite perfect for all skin types. It’s a 2-in-1 formula packed with 21 potent plant extracts (including turmeric, which is known for its powerful ant-aging properties) that’s proven to improve skin texture in just seven days. So naturally, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard that this tried and true French brand launched Double Serum in a lightweight texture, which is great for oily skin and those living in warm or humid climates. Double Serum Light Texture ($132) is formulated with the same 21 potent plant extracts as the cult-favorite Double Serum, but it’s 50% lighter in texture.

Before I make any permanent changes to my skincare routine, I always get input from my fellow editors. Beauty editor Katie Berohn and Associate Director of Special Projects Kristen Nichols are big advocates of the Double Serum franchise, and they just so happen to live on opposite sides of the country, so it was only right that they tested Double Serum Light Texture in their respective climates to give their expert opinions. (Bonus: Katie also tested it while on vacation in Monaco.) The verdict: Our editors will be keeping Clarins in tow from New York City to Los Angeles to Monaco and beyond. If you want to see how Double Serum and Double Serum Light Texture visibly firmed, smoothed, and boosted their skin’s radiance across the globe, just keep scrolling.


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