These Are the Most Comfortable Summer Shoes I Own

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Ever since moving to New York, I’ve learned there’s two, undeniable truths when it comes to picking your shoes. There are those that are subway cancellation–safe (meant for skipping, walking, biking, and running around the city during its warmest days) and those that usually stay tucked away under a bed or high up in a closet corner because the pain of wearing them outweighs the pain of realizing they weren’t the smartest purchase. Naturally, as a fashion editor, I leave room for both in my wardrobe. I have to admit though, when no one’s looking, I’ll comfortably slip into my zero hassle, blister-free shoes.

When it comes to my footwear, I try my hardest not to give it all up in the name of style. From trendy sandals to comfortable (and cute!) running shoes, there’s always a few pairs that make my heart skip a beat while making my orthopedic happy with me when I go in once a year to my check-up. Trust me, by wearing these shoes, you’ll look and feel good.

Scroll down to shop the pairs I spend hours walking in every day without a sore ankle in sight.

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