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These Coachella Aesthetics Are Already Setting Summer Trends

These Coachella Aesthetics Are Already Setting Summer Trends


Another Coachella has come and gone, and as a first-time attendee, I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect. What was once an item on the bucket list I kept as an angsty 13 year old on Tumblr has now been crossed off more than 10 years later. As someone who grew up watching Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio frolic along the Polo fields in Indio, California, to attend the country’s largest music festival, I thought I knew what to expect from attendees: cowboy boots, cowboy hats, cowboy vests… you get the idea. Coachella, as a concept, has been torn apart and put back together by shiny TikTok algorithms. In a digital-first world, it’s the fashion community’s first stomping ground to set trends for the upcoming summer. This year was no different. 

Based on data from Trendalytics, there are already a few hero items the fashion crowd is starting to try and buy post-Coachella. Things like cowboy boots, sheer tops, cargo pants, and leather dresses all surged in searches week-by-week compared to last year, setting the tone for aesthetics and trends we’re set to see as we head into May, June, and July. Numbers aside, the sheer number of celebrities and influencers sneakily dressed in the same items has proved our point: When it comes to Coachella, anyone who’s anyone is already wearing these things. 

Scroll below to discover the three main aesthetics returning from the desert after the first and second weekend of Coachella. We’re calling it now: You won’t go anywhere without seeing these celeb-approved warm-weather trends. 


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