These Face Primers Will Make A Big Difference In Your Makeup

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According to Nguyen, face primers when applied correctly, can allow for smoother application as well as promote the longevity of your makeup.”You can apply primer at certain areas of your face with concerns such as the T-Zone where it tends to be more oily, or you can apply all over your face,” explains Nguyen. When it comes to determining when to use primer during your skincare and makeup routine, the answer is simple: your face primer of choice should be applied following your favorite moisturizer (think of primer as the base to build the rest of your makeup look on).

Nguyen’s top primer trick? Correctly identifying the primer that best caters to your skin type. Depending on your skin type, a primer can aid with curbing, or even completely erasing, the appearance of dryness, oily skin, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation among other imperfections. It’s truly the miracle product that not only helps create your makeup look, but ensures a longer wear. Believe us, it can make a huge difference in the end result! Ready to upgrade your makeup application game with Nguyen’s help? Read on to discover his favorite primer product and more Who What Wear beauty editor approved recommendations you’ll want to get your hands on before reaching for your makeup brush again.

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