Try These Color Combos If You Want to Look On-Trend

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As someone who used to be very anti-color (RIP to my grungey 2014 Tumblr days), studying runways has been the easiest way to learn how to incorporate color into my wardrobe. It can be tricky to figure out which saturated pairings make sense, but safe to say when designers like Prada or Gucci place a bet on a combo, it’s bound to start trending in no time. In fact, Eliza Huber, who was once our most color-averse editor, recently opted for a lime-green Prada bag, and it’s been her most complimented and worn bag since. Now, she doesn’t shy away from a saturated look.

Before you let the mention of these colors intimidate you, remember that no matter if you opt for a small pop of color or decide to have one shade act as the focal point of your outfit, the choice of what you do is yours. Either way, it’ll look fantastic. Keep scrolling to see the innovative color combinations you’ll want to work into your wardrobe now. Then shop a few new pieces while you’re at it. Even if your style is minimal, the runway looks below might convince you to add a new color or two to your 2023 wardrobe.

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