Warp + Weft Has Sustainable Denim for Under $100 Up to a 3X

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With spring comes Earth Day—a perfect time to evaluate your environmental impact. It’s no secret that the fashion industry has increasingly negative effects on the Earth. As a fashion editor, I love shopping, putting together an outfit, and expressing myself as much as the next fashion person, but I think it’s important to reconsider some of our purchasing habits in favor of more Earth-friendly choices. I’ve been opting for more sustainable clothing options than I used to, and I found some really cool brands along the way. Enter Warp + Weft—an inclusive (styles are available up to a size 3X) and sustainable denim company. The best part is all its denim is under $100.

Yes, you heard right! Eco-friendly fashion brands don’t have to be super pricey, and attainable options like Warp + Weft prove just that. With a quick look at the brand’s story, it becomes clear that sustainable practices are top of mind. “A traditional pair of jeans takes 1500 gallons of water to make, but a pair of Warps requires less than 10,” its website states. The brand also recycles 98% of the water used in the production process and implements environmentally friendly bleaching alternatives.

Keep scrolling to shop my favorite Warp + Weft pairs and many other gorgeous styles today.

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Author: NewsHubMagzine

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