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What I Think Every Succession Character Would Smell Like


Every Sunday at exactly 8:59 EST, you can find me in the exact same place: parked in front of my TV, finger hovering over the play button on my remote, and waiting for the newest episode of Succession to drop. I live for the quippy dialogue, the minute details, and, of course, the window into the opulent world of the über-rich. My favorite character changes every week, but I also kind of hate all of them—which only makes me love the show even more. 

I’m a major fragrance person, and I think the scents people choose to wear say a lot about who they are. Recently, I’ve found myself wondering what fragrances the Succession characters might wear in real life. Some are easy to imagine—Gerri obviously wears Chanel No. 5—but others are tougher to nail down. After careful consideration, I think I figured out a scent to match everyone’s favorite Succession characters. Warning: Spoilers ahead, and in the words of Logan Roy himself, “Guess the scent; win a buck.” 

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