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Who What Wear Podcast: With Jéan

Who What Wear Podcast: With Jéan


Since this originally started with you thinking about what you would wear with jeans, how did you feel about the fact that the Andy dress became a cult favorite so quickly?

SLT: That’s the funniest thing. We laugh about the fact it’s called With Jéan because most of our cult favorites have been dresses. Very early on in the development of the business, the dresses sort of took over everything else. That was all everyone was buying. All of our popular best sellers were dresses. We had a waitlist for—I think our first was the Isabelle dress. We had 1000 people on a wait list in like a week for that dress.

ET: The Andy dress was insane, but that product was our bread and butter for a really long time. We had the best time with it because no one really caught on to the success of it or the popularity of it. Usually, when a product goes viral on social [media], you’ve only got a few months of product lifecycle. You’ve got this short window of time before [it fades], and it really affects your sales and even your content [and] your brand. We had two years where we were selling it and repeating it in different colors. Then one day, it was just everywhere. Even the more luxury fashion houses started doing it in prints or different colors. That’s when we were like, “Alright, it’s dead. It’s time to move on.”


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