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Your Guide To Curly Hair CPR.

Your Guide To Curly Hair CPR.


Like any hair type, there are tried-and-true ways to prevent your natural curls from losing their hair pattern. Larry Sims, hairstylist, television, personality, and co-founder of Flawless by Gabrielle Union, shares with me his tips and tricks for keeping your natural curls looking and feeling their best. “Excessive amounts of thermal heat styling, chemical over-processing, and medication can alter the state of your natural hair pattern,” explains Sims. That’s right, even excessive use of your most trusted hot hair tools (including hair dryers), can contribute to your curls’ untimely demise. While certain products such as thermal protectant spray and shampoos/conditioners are formulated to protect color-treated or heat-damaged hair; taking the time to give your hair the TLC it needs can make a major difference.

So what should you be doing to revive and refresh your curls after they’ve been damaged? According to Sims, the best things you can do for your hair are to give it a break from any thermal heat styling tools, allow your hair to air dry, and to give your curls proper trims (shoot for roughly every 4-6 weeks). You’ll know when it’s time for a trip to the salon for a trim when your hair begins to knot easily or you notice the presence of pesky split ends. “It’s important to keep your curls hydrated with masque treatments, leave-in conditioners, curl defining products,” adds Sims. If you’re not sure where you should start, consider shopping from the aforementioned haircare line Sims founded with his close friend, Gabrielle Union.

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