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10 Fashion Brands Gen Z Shoppers Are Prioritizing


Not to brag, but I think of myself as someone who knows how to spot a good fashion item. When I see something that makes my heart flutter (and wallet suffer) I have to share it with the world— most often with pictures, links, and tons of exclamation marks on my Instagram story. As someone who’s known to influence all of my friends, family, and followers to buy something incredibly on trend, I’m strongly anti-gate keeping. My latest venture? Posting my outfits from my favorite retailers.

As a Gen Z editor, I’m constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest to share with my friends. From browsing Nordstrom for hours on end to finding the best runway-inspired ballet shoes for more than $100 off, I’ve rounded up the best Zoomer-approved stores that everyone 25-and-under is shopping now. 

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