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20 ’70s hairstyles That Will Always Be in Style

20 ’70s hairstyles That Will Always Be in Style


If I could live in any decade, it would hands down be the ’70s—not because I find anything about the way of life particularly endearing, but rather I’m absolutely head over heels for the aesthetic. There are so many iconic ’70s makeup looks I can’t even count, and the fashion speaks for itself. I’m all in when it comes to flared jeans and supersized sunglasses. 

However, as a beauty editor, I feel somewhat inclined to say that the single best thing about the ’70s was the hair. I’m so obsessed with ’70s hairstyles, in fact, that I have rocked the same ’70s-style, long, middle-parted mop for well over 10 years. 

But it’s not just super-long hair that really defined the decade. Everything from shaggy lengths and fringes to blunt bobs and picked-out afros have remained some of the most timeless hairstyles around. And next year, it’s looking as though ’70s hair is going to be everywhere.

Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling for 20 ’70s-inspired hairstyles that will have you itching to book in with your hairstylist stat. Oh, and expect some top tips and insights from founder of Percy & Reed Paul Percival along the way too. 


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