The 28 Nordstrom Summer Clothing Finds I’m Loving RN

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There’s two things that prove to be true to New Yorkers as summer approaches. The first is an eye-watering electric bill thanks to soaring A.C. usage and the amount of shorts and crop tops we pull out from storage. More than likely, they’re things we haven’t worn for months— myself included.

Every May, I go through piles of clothes that haven’t seen daylight in half a year and question what I was even thinking buying them. My style changes with my mood, so naturally, now that my serotonin is boosting and a pep is in my step with the newfound warm weather, I’m changing up my summer clothing catalogs to reflect this year’s sartorial obsessions. My first stop? Nordstrom. Long before working at Who What Wear, I browsed the retailer every month to stock up on a few timeless basics I rotated in my closet. Now, as a shopping editor, Nordstrom has basically become an extension of my personality.

After doing a 4-hour deep dive of all of the retailer’s fun, summer offerings ahead of Memorial Day, I’m divulging all the finds I can’t stop thinking about. Below, find 38 of the best summer tops, swimsuits, accessories, shoes and more available RN Nordstrom. No gate-keeping here! 

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Author: NewsHubMagzine

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