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3 Outfit Ideas With New Balance Sneakers



All the Ways to Wear is a monthly series where we round up the personal twists the Who What Wear team is putting on one particular item, style, or trend. Whether it’s the trending denim of the moment or the season’s It print, we hope to inspire your daily outfits and up the cost per wear on some of our favorite items.

Look in any fashion person’s closet, and I guarantee you’ll find a pair of sneakers—and not just the comfy sneakers she’s wearing to that 7 a.m. HIIT workout but rather sporty, fashionable sneakers. There’s one particular brand that editors, It girls, celebrities, and every stylish person in between owns. Yep, you guessed it: New Balance. Fresh drops on the site regularly send shoppers into frenzies, the collabs are always next-level, and setting an alert for a size restock is a common occurrence. (They’re never not selling out!) This spring is no different, and now more than ever, we’re turning to New Balance to make our looks that much cooler. Keep scrolling to see how three fashion editors—myself included—are wearing the most coveted New Balance kicks this season.


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