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Who What Wear Podcast: Allison Bornstein

Who What Wear Podcast: Allison Bornstein


So we have, hypothetically, done this clean-out phase, and now, it’s time for a little refreshing. This plays into another system that you’ve developed to help clients define and refine their style, and it’s internet famous as well—the three-word method. Can you talk about this method a little bit and how our listeners can implement the system themselves?

The three-word method is essentially distilling your style into three adjectives. These words are basically to give you some guardrails to help guide you when you’re feeling stuck. They’re not meant to stifle you. You don’t have to keep these three words for your whole life. You don’t even have to tell people your three words. It’s just these are things to help you when your feeling stuck—almost like a personal mantra.

The first word I call the practical word. You’re going to look at those closet regulars that you pulled out in step one, and you are going to ask yourself, “How would I describe these things? How would I describe the things that I’m wearing all the time?” The second word I call the aspirational word. You find this word by looking at your Pinterest board, your screenshots. This is your North Star. This is your guiding word. The third word is what I call the emotional word. That is where you want to ask yourself, “How do I want to feel in my clothing? What do I want to tell people with my look?” Basically, the third word is, How do I want my clothes to make me feel?

Three words: the practical word, the aspirational word, and the emotional word. When you have these three words, they become a guide for you. So when you’re shopping or when you’re getting dressed, you just keep these words in mind.


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