Home Fashion 32 Under-$100 Urban Outfitters Items Perfect for Spring

32 Under-$100 Urban Outfitters Items Perfect for Spring

32 Under-$100 Urban Outfitters Items Perfect for Spring


Ah yes, Urban Outfitters—the retailer every Gen Zer knows a little too well. For most of us, the indie retailer sold us our first vinyl record players and cutoff Levi’s denim shorts, introducing us to a world of nostalgic fashion and pastel-printed bohocore clothing that dominated the golden era of the internet in 2014. Now that Tumblr’s popularity has come and gone, the retailer still remains a staple among me and my friends, and to be honest, I’ve been finding myself shopping it more than usual over the last few weeks. Perhaps it’s the arrival of spring prompting the change—UO has quite the selection of seasonally appropriate miniskirts and ruffled dresses—or the low-cost, high-joy vibe I feel when I walk into my local shop a few minutes from my apartment. Although I’m on a tight budget thanks to a few summer plans up my sleeve, I still love to indulge in a little treat here and there, especially in the form of statement sunglasses and crop tops.

Lo and behold, I spent hours combing through Urban Outfitters to find the best under-$100 items after my group chat asked me what was on-trend on the website. As my group’s resident fashion friend, naturally, I had to come in clutch. Thank me later!


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