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30 Nordstrom Items I’m Completely Obsessed With

30 Nordstrom Items I’m Completely Obsessed With


I’m the type of person who loves to get away. Whether I’m heading to Miami with friends, traveling to see family on the West Coast, or taking a staycation in New York City, if there’s a chance to get away, my answer is almost always “yes.” Recently, I opted for a staycation at The Edition, one of my favorite hotels in New York City. I felt like a tourist in the city I lived in, and I think sleeping on their massive cloud-like beds and showering in one of the dreamiest showers ever definitely played a part.

While packing for my staycation, I realized there are certain products I’ve purchased from Nordstrom that I’d never travel without, even if I’m only going one neighborhood over. These beauty products and fashion items are my holy grail. And trust me, when it comes to my essentials, I’m a tough critic. 

Keep scrolling to see which Nordstrom items I’d never travel without, no matter the distance.


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