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35 of the Best Cheap Basics for Summer

35 of the Best Cheap Basics for Summer


Unless you’re completely free of social media, you’re very aware of the quiet-luxury phenomenon that’s happening right now. The momentum of the aesthetic coupled with the viral success of Sofia Richie’s recent wedding looks can only mean that summer 2023 is bound to be filled with even more of this look than we can even imagine. There is definitely an art to tapping into this look, and I am here to tell you that it’s really not actually that complicated. All you need is a strong array of basics. 

That’s right, folks—basics are the key to a seamless quiet-luxury wardrobe, and I found the best cheap basics for summer, all under $50. This way, you can be looking rich without actually throwing away your life’s savings. With tops starting at just $6 and chic sandals for under $20, I can assure you you’re about to walk away from this story with a basket full of the best affordable basics on the market, period. Prepare yourself for a summer of secret luxury. I won’t tell if you won’t. 


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