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42 Designer Bags That Are More Affordable Than You’d Think


Think back to the last time you were scrolling through Shopbop or walking through the isles of Nordstrom and suddenly spotted it…you know, that item that made a wave of goosebumps appear on your body. Chances are you’ve experienced the emotion of falling in love with something (maybe sandals or a trendy purse) on sight. But, if we’re honest, that moment can quickly switch from exhilarating to disheartening when you turn over the price tag.

As much as we love the idea of buying a designer bag, in reality, it’s not always aligned with our budgets. Of course, something must be said about the long-term value of investing in a bag that lasts longer and can accrue value. Still, getting around the concept that luxury items are out of the budget isn’t easy—especially when most designer purses are now equivalent to the average cost of rent in the United States, which is around $1.7k. But before your feelings turn sour, don’t lose hope because I’m here to tell you that budget-friendly options exist.

In order to prove that point, I’ve scoured the internet using a few tricks to find the 42 best affordable designer bags you can shop for right now. While everyone’s concept of attainable is different based on their budget and sartorial preferences, I’ve separated my finds into three categories: under $350, under $650, and $1,000. Each bag included in this roundup considers longevity, craftsmanship, versatility, wearability, and, most importantly, price range. So that you can find a bag that gives you goosebumps in a good way. 

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