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The Best T-Shirt Brands and Styles

The Best T-Shirt Brands and Styles


As someone who works from home full time, lives in the South, and has fairly casual style, T-shirts are the backbone of my wardrobe year-round. I’ve gone through fazes with different brands over the years but at this point, I’ve really solidified my list of favorite T-shirt brands. There’s been a good bit of trial and error along the way but I now know that when I buy a T-shirt from one of my go-to brands, I’m probably not going to need to return it.

As simple as they are T-shirts are difficult to get just right, but this tee-obsessed editor is here to divulge the brands that have nailed it. Below, shop my favorite T-shirt brands (I shop all day for a living, so you can trust me), as well as the specific styles that I’m most fond of. I threw a couple splurge-worthy brands in the mix but most are quite affordable. 

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