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6 Celebrity Wardrobe Basics to Know for 2023

6 Celebrity Wardrobe Basics to Know for 2023


You worked as a top stylist in Hollywood for years before launching Éterne. What made you want to start the brand? And what did you feel was lacking in the market that you wanted Éterne to fill in for?

I started Éterne because, as a stylist, I couldn’t find good-quality basics that fit really well at a good price point. I had a huge collection of vintage items that I loved and would use for styling but realized there was a real need in the market for perfect basics.

What was the first piece you launched the brand with? Now that you’ve evolved the brand in the last few years, has the current best seller changed?

The first piece I designed was the Baby Tee. It’s based on a vintage little boy’s tee that I wore with absolutely everything, and I couldn’t find anything like it anywhere. It sold out immediately and is still our best seller. We recently launched it in limited-edition colors: Earth, Sand, Olive, and Oat. 

I know you already have such an incredible roster of A-list clients that includes Kaia, Hailey, EmRata, and the list goes on. Tell me about who you consider to be the “Éterne girl.” What is it about your approach to clothing that you think resonates so much with them? What are your celeb customers reaching for the most, and how are they styling their Éterne items?

The Éterne girl is someone who appreciates how pieces fit—along with quality and comfort. Those are the most important things I consider when designing. We have a really wide range of customers, which makes me so happy. Women of all ages, sizes, and professions make up our loyal customer base. Our women really know what they want to wear, and they continuously tell me that they wear the brand every day, that it’s the foundation of their wardrobes.


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