Home Fashion Mental Health First, Fashion Second: These Staple Sneakers Are Our Secret Weapon

Mental Health First, Fashion Second: These Staple Sneakers Are Our Secret Weapon

Mental Health First, Fashion Second: These Staple Sneakers Are Our Secret Weapon


Lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of voicing when something is or isn’t good for my mental health as a way to center myself and tap into moments of mindfulness. I find myself smiling in satisfaction when I say, “This is good for my mental health,” after putting on a chic outfit to work from home or grab a smoothie from the shop down the street. (I’ll say the exact opposite when I realize that I worked in my pj’s and haven’t moved my body all day. Sh, don’t tell my boss.) It may sound superficial, but many of my moments of mindfulness are made possible by the clothing, shoes, and accessories that give me the confidence and motivation to put my mental health first.

I know I’m not alone in this. If anyone understands the direct correlation between a confidence-boosting outfit and participating in wellness activities, it’s my stylish co-workers. Fulfilling their roles as full-time editors means they have to work extra hard to escape the screens, but Anna LaPlaca and Kayla Allen do it in style with the help of New Balance running sneakers. New Balance has always championed mental health awareness through running and encouraged shoppers to do not only what looks good but what feels good, too. So with Mental Health Awareness Month right around the corner, we’re putting our mental health first. Keep reading to see how our editors incorporate New Balance’s highly coveted sneakers into their wellness routines.

“Whether I’m sitting in front of my laptop writing a story or scrolling through my social media feed (because, yes, that can be work, too), I rely on getting outside and going on a run for my ‘mindful minutes.’ Running is so simple it almost feels silly to talk about, but getting fresh air and getting my body moving really does put me in the best mood—and thanks to the cool New Balance FuelCell sneakers, I know I’ll always look good doing it. The electric-orange color is like a visual shot of espresso and makes it so much more motivating to hit the pavement. I was never much of a runner up until a few years ago, but once I started to reap all the mental and emotional benefits on top of the physical ones, running became less of a chore and more of a fail-safe way to feel good. There’s no better feeling than putting on my favorite pop playlist of Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande and running by the river after a long day at my desk.”

“As a social media editor who spends a lot of time on a phone or laptop, my ‘mindful minutes’ revolve around setting intentional time away from screens. On weekdays, I take morning walks to clear my head before checking messages or emails, always stepping into a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam sneakers first. I love all of the Fresh Foam styles, but I’m currently obsessed with the Arishi V4 sneakers because the pink colorway with gum soles feels so true to my sense of style. On the weekends, I step it up from my daily walks and opt for a run by the beach. Up until recently, I was never the most enthusiastic about exercising, but focusing on both my mental and physical comfort has worked wonders for my motivation. Running my way—with an ocean view and wearing my Fresh Foam sneakers—gets my body moving after a week of sitting at a desk.”


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