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6 Unusual Color Combinations to Try This Season

6 Unusual Color Combinations to Try This Season


When it comes to color and print mixing in fashion, we’re knee-deep in the “anything goes” era. Fashion people have become quite fearless in this arena, and playing it safe with tried-and-true color combinations is no longer the only way to go. Sure, people still rely on neutrals in their wardrobes, but when you really want to stand out and have some fun with your outfits, wearing off-kilter color combinations is a great way to do so.

While it’s true that anything goes when it comes to color these days, it’s only natural that some particularly special color pairings become a thing. The five I’m highlighting below have popped up over and over in my feed and among the hundreds of street-style photos I look at each season. Sometimes they’re in the form of something as small as a pair of shoes or a bag, and others are in the form of a person’s entire outfit. (If you’re new to unusual color pairings, accessories are always a great place to start.)

Now that I assume you’re ready to get a little experimental with color, scroll for the five trending color combos right now, and shop pieces that’ll help you pull them off effortlessly.


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