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The Four Japanese Brands With The Best Fragrances

The Four Japanese Brands With The Best Fragrances


Looking for a way to refresh your fragrance collection? It’s time to consider taking cues from Japan’s fashion girls known for their trendy takes on everything from haute couture style to scents. We’ve rounded up 13 bestselling fragrances from four internationally recognized Japanese brands (Issey Miyake, Hanae Mori, Kenzo, and Shiseido) that have completely won over the hearts of Japan’s most stylish people as well as ours at Who What Wear. It’s no coincidence that the first three mentioned started as fashion brands before venturing into the world of fragrances.

If you find yourself gravitating towards fragrance notes that are not as commonly used, Japanese fragrances may be the way to go. Often using notes only native to the Far East such as Shiseido’s Ever Boom Eau de Parfum with Japanese camellia at its heart, your bound to discover and unexpected blend to transport you on a unique olfactory journey. If you’re ready to dive into the world of fashion-forward fragrances, we recommend you get ready to keep scrolling.


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