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Experts Share the 15 Best Natural Face Moisturizers

Experts Share the 15 Best Natural Face Moisturizers


Sobelman also says those dry skin types will want to seek out hydrating and nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and replenishing lipids. “Ceramides and lipids make up both the outer layer of our skin and the extracellular matrix—the solution between our skin cells holding it together,” she shares. “Both can be found in moisturizers and are fantastic at locking in hydration (like hyaluronic acid) and supporting the skin’s barrier. Most sensitive skin showing signs of type one rosacea has an impaired barrier and needs more ceramides and lipids to reduce that pesky redness through the cheeks.”

If you’re shopping for an organic moisturizer and want to know what other natural ingredients to consider, master esthetician and Flora Mirabilis founder Jordan LaFragola has you covered. “If you have acne-prone skin, you want to look for ingredients with a low comedogenic rating, meaning they are not pore-clogging,” she says. “Almond, apricot kernel, argan, grapeseed, hemp, pomegranate seed, sacha inchi, and safflower are great choices. You also want to look for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as cedarwood, frankincense, lavender, and tea tree. Ingredients rich in linoleic fatty acids will restore your skin’s barrier, making it look plump and youthful. Fruit seed oils are excellent sources, and sacha inchi has one of the highest levels of linoleic fatty acids of any plant oil. Ingredients with brightening and resurfacing properties are also key. Sandalwood is a particularly great anti-aging oil, as are Frankincense, rose, apple cider vinegar, and vitamin C.”

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