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Shop Trendy Business-Casual Pieces for Spring

Shop Trendy Business-Casual Pieces for Spring


Now that the new season has finally graced us with its presence, I recently decided to embark upon a little bit of spring outfit research.  After all, it’s time to get serious, and whether it was on Instagram, the runways, TikTok, or real-life street style, all my favorite ‘fits seemed to have a similar vibe that, at first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Eventually, it came to me, and while it might sound weird, I concluded that business-casual is majorly trending. 

Just what does that mean exactly? Think: the coolest outfit one could possibly wear to work, or an outfit you would have worn last spring but this time you’re replacing your jeans with a tailored skirt or trousers. Light blazers, knits, button-downs, structured bags, and polished heels all have a place here as well, and when you combine two or more of the above you’re left with nothing short of sartorial magic. To see and shop all my business-casual picks for spring, broken up by category, simply keep scrolling. 


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