The 19 Best Clear Bags That Are Stadium-Approved

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If anyone knows a thing or two about stadium-approved bags it’s me. My Dad works in sports so growing up I went to the stadiums on a biweekly basis. I remember the year that the rules all changed and we were no longer able to bring a big bag of whatever we wanted to football games. That’s a core memory for sure. My Mom went out and gathered a collection of clear, plastic bags, problem solved right? At the time it didn’t bother me but growing into my adult life as a fashion girl nothing upsets me more than a clear bag policy. The other day, I attended a tennis match, and leaving my bright orange Bottega Veneta at home was the ultimate bummer but I’m ready to make the most of the situation at hand and pick out a very fun clear bag for sporting events and concerts.

Whether you’re prepared to essentially put your life on display or not, a transparent handbag is a requirement for any sports fan or concertgoer. It’s time for me to pick up a fashionable clear bag. The cheap style that I was relying on isn’t taking me very far and I’d like to wear something that goes well with my fashion girl outfits. I am hoping to attend a few concerts this summer so this should really help me out. Whether you are a big sports fan, a steady concertgoer, or just here for the clear bag trend—check out these below 19 styles. 

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