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How to Incorporate Color Analysis Into Your Makeup Routine

How to Incorporate Color Analysis Into Your Makeup Routine


While Dobkine says her color analysis appointments are different than other professionals, there are some similarities. For example, she uses large pieces of multi-colored cloth in the comparison and elimination phase to determine which palette flatters each client the most. 

From there, she’ll discuss color psychology. Because, as she puts it, “We don’t see color, we feel color.” Since most people have strong opinions and biases towards color, it can be surprising to learn that their complimentary palette is full of colors they never considered before. “Sometimes we feel like, ‘this bright orange is something I’ve been dreaming about,'” Dobkine says. “You’re buying this, bringing it home, and wearing it once. It sits in your closet and you’re like, ‘Why did I buy this?’ When it comes down to it, she warns that “your palette will be colors that compliment you, and that look amazing on you, but you might not feel them right now.” 

Finally, Dobkine will take her clients through their complimentary colors, explaining how they can use them to find the most flattering pieces of clothing, jewelry, and makeup products (even hair color). “Right now there’s a lot of emphasis on color analysis, but more emphasis should go on the result of color analysis. It’s like you’re going to get braces. The process of doing the braces takes, what, 20 minutes? But the result lasts a lifetime and you’re benefiting from it and enjoying it,” she says. 

As for a universal, step-by-step method for doing color analysis, Dobkine says there isn’t one. “We’re all different and every face is super unique, which is why every face has its little points of analysis that I take throughout…there is no particular pattern that I can say, ‘If you check this, this, and that, you’ll be 100% covered.'” 


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