Home Fashion I Just Spent Hours Scouring Shopbop—30 Cool Finds I’m Ordering ASAP

I Just Spent Hours Scouring Shopbop—30 Cool Finds I’m Ordering ASAP

I Just Spent Hours Scouring Shopbop—30 Cool Finds I’m Ordering ASAP


Shopbop has quickly become one of my favorite retailers. I love how it carries my favorite designers, and the buyer for womenswear just gets it right. I never go on Shopbop without filling my wish list with amazing shoes, super-chic dresses, and accessories that are just the cherry on top of every look. It’s safe to say that I’m Shopbop obsessed, and I check the site on a daily basis. As the frequent shopper of my friend group, I am always getting messages from friends asking for outfit ideas, where to shop, what dress to wear to a wedding… You name it—they ask. My answer? “Go on Shopbop’s site.”

Lately, I’ve been checking its new arrivals literally every day and have found so many things that I absolutely adore. There’s a Self-Portrait dress that is just calling my name and some Cult Gaia accessories that I’ll be dreaming about. But enough of me talking about it. Keep scrolling to see the Shopbop new arrivals that are in my cart right now.

I would’ve worn this to Sofia Richie’s wedding-weekend events in the South of France. 

I’ve been meaning to try a pair of Vejas. 

My holy-grail leggings. 

I live in bras like this. 

I’m obsessed with this one-piece. 

This Jacquemus minidress is everything. 

The perfect summer earrings. 

Who doesn’t love the Moon Bag? 

I’m sorry—this is the cutest set I’ve ever seen. 

This fruitcore skirt has me wanting to book a trip to Brazil. 

This top has been living in my mind rent-free. 

Meet your new favorite silk skirt. 

When it comes to denim, you can’t go wrong with Agolde.

A party dress, no doubt. 

I have this dress in white, and I am waiting for the perfect moment this summer to wear it. 

This dress screams summer. 

Easy summer sandals. 

It’s the wash on these for me. 

The black sundress of my dreams. 

What a dress. 

The chicest maxi skirt out there. 

I’m so into this denim top. 

Denim miniskirts are making a comeback. 

I’m loving these paired with an all-white outfit. 

I love this vest. 

I live in my Golden Goose sneakers. 

I have these shoes in brown, and now, I need the pink. 

This dress is everything. 

Summer mules of my dreams. 

Cool girl–approved jeans. 

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