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Reviewed: BeautyStat Cosmetics’ Common C Refiner SPF 50

Reviewed: BeautyStat Cosmetics’ Common C Refiner SPF 50


Cosmetic chemist, BeautyStat Cosmetics founder, and CEO Rob Robinson shared a tiny little bit far more about the investigation and findings when it came to screening this individual system. 1st off, Robinson suggests that BeautyStat makes use of a single of the greatest stages of pure vitamin C offered in around-the-counter beauty products. “We also merged our 20% pure vitamin C with EGCG (the most active part in green tea) and tartaric acid. This mixture aided us get important results in an unbiased scientific examine,” he adds.

In accordance to the medical test final results supplied by Robinson, just after 4 months of utilization, 100% of topics confirmed sizeable improvement in deep strains and wrinkles. Ninety-a person percent showed significant improvement in pores and skin density and collagen manufacturing, when 100% found an advancement in pores and skin softness. Seventy-two percent also showed an enhancement in hyperpigmentation, and 100% of customers observed a more even tone and smaller pores. An additional buyer test was carried out, and 93% of buyers agreed that the products still left skin radiant and clean. Ninety-two percent of customers noticed an advancement in pores and skin softness, and 87% agreed their pores and skin tone appeared firmer.

Also, Robinson and his team drew some intriguing conclusions when combining SPF with vitamin C. “We identified that sunscreen by yourself only blocks 55% of no cost radicals, but 20% pure vitamin C put together with SPF 50 mineral sunscreen offers remarkable protection to reduce the indicators of growing old. That’s why, they are far better collectively,” he says.

In the coming months, I am sure we are heading to get started viewing more formulation made up of vitamin C and SPF thanks to BeautyStat’s revolutionary technique to skincare and glow-inducing solutions.


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