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The 21 Best Laptop Luggage Designers and Commuters Concur On

The 21 Best Laptop Luggage Designers and Commuters Concur On


For me, a single of the professionals of operating from dwelling these final couple a long time has been not acquiring to tote all-around my laptop and other operate essentials in a bag that could one-handedly ruin even the best of outfits. Three years in the past, I had additional canvas tote luggage than I might ever like to confess as well as plenty of unappealing notebook bags. Now, I barely have any. But with life acquiring nearer and closer to normalcy and the require to have all-around extra than just my wallet and telephone returning, I came to the realization a short while ago that I may have to basically start off carrying a designer notebook bag again. But this time, I am not settling.

To my shock, nevertheless, my research course of action was not as dismal as I’d predicted it would be. In actuality, it took me no time at all to notice that rather than hating laptop bags with every fiber of my becoming, I’m now drawn to them for additional than just lugging my do the job computer system close to. Seemingly, it took a pandemic to get designers to place the mini-bag trend apart and focus on even bigger, utility-concentrated extras. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent—all of the top purse models in style are no extended coming up with necklace luggage and wristlets that hardly in shape a solitary credit history card, let on your own a laptop computer. Rather, numerous are debuting stylish oversize shoulder luggage, satchels, and totes for all our essentials, including electronics of all sizes. 

Below, see all the designer laptop bags on my do the job (and play) would like list. If your response to them is anything at all like mine was, get ready to be shocked in a very good way. 


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