Home Fashion Slugging in Skincare Is Trending—Here’s What We Know

Slugging in Skincare Is Trending—Here’s What We Know

Slugging in Skincare Is Trending—Here’s What We Know


While the incredibly catchy “slugging” term has only been in the beauty sphere for a little while thanks to the K-beauty community and various skincare subreddits, the concept of using Vaseline to seal in moisture in the skin isn’t anything new. After all, Vaseline is an old-school product that can be found in almost any memaw’s medicine cabinet. It has a variety of uses, from healing burns and scrapes to treating diaper rash, preventing chafing, and moisturizing dry skin. Marilyn Monroe swore by Vaseline in order to keep her skin soft and glowy. She reportedly applied it every morning before going into a three-hour bath.

“It was recently given a name and made popular by the Korean skincare world. However, growing up with two Black grandmothers, I was “slugging” far before it was popular,” explains Tiffany Clay, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Atlanta. “I remember my grandmother teaching me when I was very young to apply ointment to my body after I bathed to keep me moisturized all day.”

Are you ready to find out the dos and don’ts of slugging and whether it’s something you should try or avoid? Keep scrolling for the dos and don’ts, according to experts.


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