The 12 Best Brow Products, According to a Beauty Editor

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If there’s one thing I know to be true and can personally vouch for, it’s that eyebrows aren’t unchanging. Even if you think your brows have maintained the same size, shape, and density for years, look back at old photos, and I guarantee you that you’ll notice a difference. I know I did. And yet I was under the impression they’ve looked the same ever since high school (when I went through an unfortunate obsession with eyebrow waxing). 

The only thing that hasn’t changed is that I’m picky about my eyebrows, and I rarely allow anyone other than myself to work on them. That’s because they’re my favorite facial feature, and whenever I get compliments on them, it only reinforces my desire to keep them looking pristine (or, as pristine as I can get them, anyway). Luckily, I have my brow routine down pat. From growth-boosting serums to expert grooming tools and the most natural-looking makeup products, I truly believe that I’ve nailed the perfect eyebrow-maintenance lineup. Keep scrolling to see it. Plus, see my personal brow evolution in three photos…

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