The 16 Best Face Self-Tanners, Hands Down

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Self-tanner is hit or miss. If you use the right formula, you’ll end up with an all-over glow. If you use the wrong formula, you’ll end up with patchiness, streaks, and an unnatural hue (although your application technique may have something to do with it, too). That’s why self-tanning can be scary—especially when it comes to your face. After all, it’s pretty hard to disguise a bad self-tan if it’s front and center. 

Luckily, we live in a time when brands are creating self-tanning products specifically for the face, so we don’t have to risk the same faux pas that we did in the past (is there anyone else out there who used to tan their face by rubbing a body mitt all over it and hoping for the best? Or was that just us?). These days, there are drops and mists and more, all of which will ensure a seamless, glowing result. Keep scrolling to see the 16 best face self-tanners on the market.

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