32 French-Girl Pieces to Buy From Zara

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If Zara and French-girl style are two of your favorite things, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Zara has many options to suit every style type, but today I’m zeroing in on the classically chic aesthetic that the French are known for. While I hate to generalize “Parisian style” as being all the same (it most certainly is not), there’s no denying that you’ll find many people who live there with similar pieces in their closets. They’re all working with the same climate and lifestyle that living in Paris provides, after all.

With that in mind, I took to the vast inventory of Zara in search of pieces that I could absolutely see Parisians wearing (or even buying from Zara—they have stores all over the city). Among my finds are blazers, slip dresses, Mary Janes, denim, polished tees, and all of the other wardrobe staples the French frequently wear. Scroll to shop them to get that coveted French girl (by way of Zara) look yourself.

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Author: NewsHubMagzine

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