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We’ve Found the 12 Best Foundations for Sensitive Skin


Like any makeup product, the way a foundation looks and feels depends on your skin’s characteristics. “Certain people have specific sensitivities to ingredients, so I recommend keeping an eye out for any ingredients that may trigger a reaction,” explains Saenz. One quick and easy way to determine your skin type involves looking at your skin after washing it with a mild foaming cleanser and noting any excessive shine, tightness, dryness, or sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin, there are many foundations on the market with formulas chock-full of ingredients you can trust to keep your skin looking and feeling its healthiest.

However, before using any new foundation, it’s always good practice to do a patch test on clean skin (take it from a beauty editor whose job often involves testing and reviewing). “If there is no redness, burning, or itching experienced after 24 hours, it should be a good fit,” Saenz says. She also recommends opting for samples you can try before deciding to purchase full-sized products. It’s a great way to minimize the risk of a reaction while saving money on products that should otherwise be avoided.

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