The Italian Bob Haircut: This Season’s Trending Hairstyle

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The Italians know how to do many, many things very, very well. Gelato, aperitivo, luxury leather goods—I could go on. And I don’t know if its because Milan Fashion Week has just passed or because I’m currently plotting my summer escape to Italy, but there is certainly an Italian feeling in the air—or hair, I should say. And it’s starting to trickle into salons, too.

Bobs have remained a constant in the hairdressing world. The style is not so much of a trend but a timeless cut we see morph over time. (We’re looking at your box bob, Hailey Bieber.) For so long, we’ve seen the French bob haircut dominate in salons. It’s a timeless haircut that manages to be simple yet effortlessly stylish on just about every hair type. After all, who doesn’t want a slice of that Parisian style? However, there’s undoubtedly been a shift towards longer and bouncier bobs. Enter the Italian bob.

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Author: NewsHubMagzine

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