These Are The 13 Best Cuticle Removers To Get Your Hands On

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Achieving the perfect at-home manicure can be challenging if you don’t know the right beauty products, how to use them, and when. But the key to creating it starts with the simple act of making sure the nail has the perfect palette to serve as a base for your creations. Jin Soon Choi, an editorial and celeb manicurist, identifies cuticle remover (specifically Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover), helps manage cuticles that may get in the way of a gorgeous end result.

“If you have unwanted cuticles covering your nails, cuticle removers are ideal for quickly and efficiently removing them,” says Choi.  But like any product with a chemical-based formula, overuse can put your delicate nail beds at risk. According to Choi, if you use cuticle removers too often, the nail bed can be dried out (the goal is to keep them moisturized and healthy). If you’re looking to add more hydration to cuticles that are regularly maintained, Choi recommends using a cuticle oil and pusher because that oil moisturizes the cuticles while allowing for the cuticles to be pushed back. If you’re ready to discover our favorite cuticle removers, keep scrolling.

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