This Lymphatic Drainage Tool Slimmed and Smoothed My Limbs

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Let’s back up and talk about what lymph is and how it functions in the lymphatic system. According to Giordana (Gigi) Vogel, a Colombian-born wellness expert and founder of De La Heart, “The lymphatic system is the most undervalued system in our body. It is connected to every other bodily system and has strong effects on your overall health.” 

The lymphatic system’s job is to filter out cell and tissue debris. As lymph (a clear fluid that circulates the body and contains white blood cells) flows through lymph nodes (small glands that monitor and filter the lymph), it removes waste, protects the body against foreign invaders, and maintains the body’s fluid levels. As such, it’s important to overall health and plays a large role in the body’s immune response. Yet it’s not just the health benefits that people love—there are aesthetic benefits too. Proponents claim it can smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and generally create a slimmer, more contoured appearance. 

“When you cultivate a consistent self-lymphatic drainage massage practice you improve your well-being and truly take control of how you look and feel,” Vogel says. “You will reap benefits like increased circulation, reduced cellulite, boosted cell renewal, optimal detoxification process, more energy, and overall vibrancy.” 

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